member of the A. Boone Unconditional Love Brigade (rhoddlet) wrote,
member of the A. Boone Unconditional Love Brigade


After eight years and a lot of tears, you and I are fucking done. You may have backed off your account deletion shenanigans, but we both know it's only a temporary step in your slow, inexorable slide into further douchitude. I know you probs don't care that I'm dating your cooler, more inclusive relative who can, like, do more shit? But let me put this in terms you can understand: I'm paying an $11 premium to not have to deal with your assholery. I know. $50! A year! And I'll probably end up paying for other accounts, too!

It's more than you were ever able to weasel out of me.


(So, yeah, over at [personal profile] quigonejinn  from now on.  As time and ability permit, I'll start re-working the fic to be hosted over there.)  
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