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For windsor. Sasuke & Naruto fic, as requested.


Naruto is a better next door neighbor than you think he'd be: he's friendly. He's helpful. He might be a little rude sometimes, but if you ask nicely, he's more than willing to look in on your cat when you go away for a weeklong mission. Most importantly of all, since he was such a craptacular student at the Academy, he doesn't do any of this practicing-jutsu-in-his-room stuff that makes the walls shake or sends one-eyed toads swarming down the hallway and through the seams in the walls because his summoning jutsu had one all wrong. Naruto's incompetence used to be such that it doesn't even rise to the level of being a danger when it went horribly, horribly wrong.

He was also incredibly tolerant of your own making-the-walls-shake-with-failed-jutsus. Slept like a log, so you could work on your stuff all night long, and he'd never notice.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was a pretty crappy neighbor. People wanted to be near him because he was the great future of the Leaf Village, but you couldn't exactly go over there to borrow a cup of sugar. You couldn't ask to borrow his class notes, either, since he never bothered to take many thanks to the Sharignan eye and generally knowing far, far more than what was covered in school anyways. You couldn't say good morning to him in the hallway without getting a dirty look, and he raised holy hell if you so much as sneezed loudly after quiet hours started at 11 in the Orphans' Dorm. If you ever left him some baking or a casserole because you'd made extra, you'd find your dish returned to you outside your apartment door, the food untouched and starting to stink a little because he'd just let it sit outside his apartment door for a couple days until he could be bothered to return it to you.

There was a reason why all the girls who had crushes on him were the ones who got to live with their families. Orphan girls knew better.

After Sasuke left the Village for good, Sasuke and Naruto volunteered to take the job of cleaning out Sasuke's apartment -- clean, furnished apartments were at a premuim, and there'd been a rash of casualties to single-parent families. Some of them had been caused by Sasuke; some had been caused by the ninjas that had borne him away.

So the two of them went over. Naruto brought boxes and tape and tags for deep storage when Sasuke came back; Sakura brought the cleaning supplies. She started sniffling a little after they got in through the lobby doors and cried hard in enough to make the collar of her blouse soggy when they were in the elevator. Even Naruto had to stop a little, though, when they got the key out and opened the door and got in and found their bearings: Sasuke and him had been living in the Orphan's Dormitories for almost the exact same period of time, and this was his first time here.

He'd been expecting Sasuke's place to be neat, sort of impersonal, and it was. The bookshelves were empty. There were a few school books and a few more treatises on fire jutsus neatly stacked underneath the bedside table. The radio in the corner looked like it had never been turned on. The branch of orchids in the vase in front of the photograph of Sasuke's parents was from the grocery store at the corner, and even with that shrine to the dead, the room was all incredibly and startlingly impersonal and unrevealing of anything about Sasuke except for the photograph, on the same shelf as the one of Sasuke's dead parents, of Kakashi and Sasuke and Sakura and Naruto on the day that they'd passed Kakashi's ridiculous first test.

The dust showed that, sometime before he left, Sasuke had moved that photograph from the kitchen counter over to the same place where he kept his pictures of the dead.
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